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How to tell us about your publications

CEPAMS will not evaluate candidates based on the scientific journal in which their papers were published.

In your CV, we would like you to explain up to five of your publications in more detail:

  • Give a full reference, including doi
  • Provide a clear explanation (in the first person singular) of your own personal contribution to both the research and preparation of the manuscript
  • Highlight the key findings of the work, contribution to the scientific field and importance for subsequent research

No more than half a page of A4 should be used for each publication.

A fictitious worked example is provided below.


Darby, C. J., Cao, X.F, Qi, L. & Dixon, R (2019). Elucidation of the xanthohumol biosynthetic pathway in Humulus lupulus. Journal of Applied Brewing Sciences, 48 (6), 261-283.


As the postdoctoral research assistant responsible for this project, I was named on the original grant application to the funder, I co-designed the necessary experiments with Ray Dixon and undertook the vast majority of the laboratory work.

It was my insight into a related prenyltransferase pathway that that led to the final breakthrough necessary for full understanding of the penultimate biosynthetic step.

I wrote the first full draft of this manuscript and worked closely with the corresponding author during iterations with the journal before publication.


This is the first paper to detail the entire biosynthetic pathway for xanthohumol in hops, resolving the missing penultimate step that has eluded biochemists for more than a decade.

As such it opens up the research field in many directions related to brewing science and also, due to xanthohumol’s anticarcinogenic properties, medical science. This paper is already being cited in exciting new work in nutriceuticals research.

Our own lab has private sector funding to take the first steps to transfer the xanthohumol biosynthetic pathway to Saccharomyces cerevisiae in order to boost levels in beer without increasing hop content.