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CEPAMS Group Leader Positions

As a principle investigator at CEPAMS, you will be joining one of our world-leading research centres for interdisciplinary plant biology at either the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (Beijing) or the Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Science (Shanghai), both funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In addition, CEPAMS is a unique collaboration with the world-renowned John Innes Centre (Norwich, UK) with all Group Leaders afforded faculty status there. You will have the privilege to conduct your scientific research in JIC, to co-operate with JIC faculty, and to attend internal academic meetings at JIC.

This important role will give you the financial support and freedom to advance your own original research programmes in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Our research makes use of a wide range of disciplines in the biological and chemical sciences including cell biology, biochemistry, chemistry, genetics and molecular biology.

In the first instance, please send your CV, research proposal, and three letters of recommendation to and